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Please take a look through some of the projects I am most proud of below. You can filter the results by using the buttons below.

  • Delivering highly creative projects with tight deadlines
  • Developing successful solutions to clients within budget
  • Hand coded standards compliant XHTML & CSS
  • Intergration of CMS ( Joomla, Wordpress ) and Shopping Cart
  • Integration of advanced Javascript libraries ( jQuery, Dojo, Moo Tools )
  • Baby Bedding Town 

    Baby Bedding Town

  • creationsIT 


  • Innovative Kids 

    Innovative Kids

  • Rose and Dove 

    Rose and Dove

  • Katuri Medical College 

    Katuri Medical College

  • Vokav 


  • Pepper Mint 

    Pepper Mint

  • Reeys 


  • Second Skin 

    Second Skin

  • The Golkonda 

    The Golkonda

  • Second Skin 

    Second Skin

  • Habeeb 


  • iSchools 


  • Amritha Tool Crafts Pvt. Ltd 

    Amritha Tool Crafts Pvt. Ltd

  • Amrutha Indian Kitchen 

    Amrutha Indian Kitchen

  • Patrizia Cox 

    Patrizia Cox

  • To be updated...

Web Design Company

MadhuSudhan has been fantastic to work with! We think he's got the best "eye" on the web! He has been able to design a site for us that does everything we wanted functionally and used his creativity to design a site that is easy to navigate and fantastic to look at.

  • GUI DesignAffordable Web Design and Development Services

    Graphical User Interface Design

    Graphical User interface prototyping is an iterative development technique which will have several purposes. Simplify your interface to make using your software or web site a breeze. To make a Graphic User Interface (GUI) user friendly, it must be visually uncomplicated and well structured. We create unique interfaces that are simple, natural to use and creates good brand awareness.

  • PSD to HTMLAffordable Web Design psd to html Services

    XHTML + CSS + W3C Validation

    We convert PSD to HTML, and then deliver the CSS tableless HTML that can be used by the PHP/JSP/ASP/.NET developers as part of a web based program, or the HTML can simply be used to upload to the web as a website. We provide quality services through having a quality process, and convert PSD to Xhtml/HTML in hours! Compatible with W3C!

  • Technical SEOAffordable SEO small business Services

    SEO, SEM, PPC, Bloging, Keyword

    Technical SEO is clearly of vital importance. If search engines can’t crawl your pages and extract your content, your site will never be well-ranked for the queries you care about, even if you have the most awesome content on the web pages. Search engines have had a tough time with newer web technologies. They were built as text-based engines that searched HTML pages, so it’s been taking them some time to catch up with things.


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